Once you're registered, you can study for qualifications which you can also record on our register.

Check our registration and qualification codes page for details.

Trained in the UK

Recordable qualifications

The application fee for recordable qualifications is £25.

Once you've completed a qualification relevant to our register, your university will upload your course completion details on to our database.

We'll then ask you to record your qualifications via NMC Online and pay the required fee. If the details you provided to your university are different to those that we hold, please update your details in NMC Online.

Once we have everything we need, we'll email you within two to five days to confirm that your qualification has been added to the register.

It's important that you apply to register within five years of your course completion date. If you do not register your qualification within this time, you will have to complete the course again.

Subsequent qualifications

The application fee for subsequent registration qualifications is £23.

If you're already on the register and have completed a subsequent registration qualification in the UK, please see our section on initial UK registration as the same process for registering these qualifications applies.

Search our approved programmes for a list of universities in the UK where these courses are available.

Trained outside the UK

Once you're on our register, you can apply to add another nursing, midwifery or nursing associate qualification to your existing registration.

There's a different process if you want to register another qualification gained outside the UK.

Register another qualification gained outside the UK