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Nurses part of the register Sub part 1

RN1: Adult nurse, level 1
RNA: Adult nurse, level 1
RN3: Mental health nurse, level 1
RNMH: Mental health nurse, level 1
RN5: Learning disabilities nurse, level 1
RNLD: Learning disabilities nurse, level 1
RN8: Children's nurse, level 1
RNC: Children's nurse, level 1

Nurses part of the register Sub part 2

RN2: Adult nurse, level 2
RN4: Mental health nurse, level 2
RN6: Learning disabilities nurse, level 2
RN7: General nurse, level 2
RN9: Fever nurse, level 2

Midwives part of the register

RM: Midwife

Nursing associates part of the register

NAR: Nursing associate

Specialist community public health nursing part of the register

RHV: Health visitor
HV: Health visitor
RSN: School nurse
SN: School nurse
ROH: Occupational health nurse
OH: Occupational health nurse
RFHN: Family health nurse
FHN: Family health nurse
RPHN: Specialist community public health nurse

Recordable qualifications

V100: Community practitioner nurse prescriber
V150: Community practitioner nurse prescriber (without SPQ or SCPHN)
V200: Nurse independent prescriber (extended formulary)
V300: Nurse independent / supplementary prescriber
LPE: Lecturer / Practice educator
TCH: Teacher
SPA: Specialist practitioner: Adult nursing
SPMH: Specialist practitioner: Mental health
SPC: Specialist practitioner: Children's nursing
SPLD: Specialist practitioner: Learning disability nurse
SPGP: Specialist practitioner: General practice nursing
SCMH: Specialist practitioner: Community mental health nursing
SCLD: Specialist practitioner: Community learning disabilities nursing
SPCC: Specialist practitioner: Community children’s nursing
SPDN: Specialist practitioner: District nursing