Before you start

This information is for nurses and midwives only. If you're registered with us as a nursing associate, please contact us instead.

Readmission can take up to six weeks. It might take longer if we need more information.

We can only review your application when you've submitted everything, so you should check the readmission requirements to find out what you need to provide.

You can't practise as a nurse or midwife until you're readmitted to the register.

What you'll need to do

1. Check the readmission requirements

All applications for readmission need to meet our general requirements.

If your registration has lapsed within six months of your most recent revalidation date, you'll also need to complete some of the revalidation requirements.

Check the requirements for readmission before you continue.

2. Submit your application

Most people can apply for readmission through NMC Online.

When you log into your account there will be an alert inviting you to make an application for readmission.

If you’re using hours gained while practising on the Covid-19 temporary register towards your practice hours the application process is slightly different.

Start your application to join the permanent register from the temporary register

However, you'll need to email us to request a paper application if:

  • you're applying for readmission after you were granted voluntary removal
  • you're applying for readmission after you were removed from the register in a fraudulent or incorrect entry case, or 
  • you have successfully applied for restoration to the register.

If any of the points above apply to you, please email us for more information.

I need a reasonable adjustment

If you need us to make an adjustment to the application process, email us at You should include your name, PIN, contact details and the adjustment that you're seeking.

Visit our equality, diversity and inclusion page for more information on our reasonable adjustments policy.

We'll consider this in line with the Equality Act 2010.

I have more than one registration

If you have more than one registration (for example, as a dual registered nurse and midwife), you'll need to declare which part of the register you're applying for readmission to.

If you were registered as a SCPHN or on our register with additional recorded qualifications you don't need to complete any additional requirements for your readmission application.

If you're applying to readmit as a SCPHN you'll need to declare Nursing/SCPHN or Midwifery/SCPHN, depending on which you were previously registered as. If you were dual registered as a nurse and midwife and looking to work solely in a SCPHN role, you'll only need to readmit as one or the other.

Reviewing your application

Once we have everything we need, we'll review your application. This can take up to six weeks, but it might take longer if we need more information.

It's important to keep your NMC Online details up to date as we'll be contacting you by email to ask for more information or let you know our decision.

While you're waiting for readmission, you can check if your employer can offer you a role that does not require registration.

When we may need more information

We may ask for more information to help assess your application if you declare:

  • a police charge, caution, conviction or conditional discharge
  • a fitness to practice determination by another regulatory body
  • you've been working with a lapsed registration
  • a health issue which affects your ability to practise safely and effectively

We'll use the information you give to consider whether you're capable of safe and effective practise in line with our guidance on health and character.

We may also consider information we receive before or after you apply for readmission. You can find details of how we'll consider this information in our guidance on readmissions and fitness to practise allegations.

Letting you know our decision

We'll email you to let you know our decision as soon as we reasonably can.

If you've made a declaration that we need to consider, we'll let you know our decision no later than three months from when we receive everything we need.

Appealing a decision

You can appeal a decision to refuse readmission to the register.

You must make this appeal within 28 days of the decision. This should set out the grounds of the appeal and any evidence to be used, such as the details of character referees or supporting statements.

We'll set up an appeal panel to hear the appeal in line with the Registration Rules.