Quality assurance

Ensuring a safe and effective learning environment

We approve and quality assure programmes of nursing and midwifery education. This gives us the confidence that nurses and midwives are receiving the education and training they need to meet our standards, and to be capable of delivering safe and effective practice.

As part of our education programme, we’re carrying out a major review of our education standards. As we develop and implement new standards, we ‘ll need to make sure the way we quality assurance education remains fit for purpose.

What have we done so far?

In 2016 we commissioned an independent review into our QA function. This took into account our new draft standards and the rapid pace of change across the higher education, health and care sectors in the UK. This includes changes to student funding in England, new routes to registration, new roles, and different programme models.

The review also gathered and evaluated evidence for the review from a wide range of people and organisations. In 2017, Council discussed the main findings and options from the review.

We have also established a QA reference group to support development of our plans. The group includes representatives from education and practice, lay members and students. The first meeting was held in October 2017 and further meetings are planned for 2018.

What are we doing now?

We’re currently using the findings of the independent review to develop our new QA framework.

What happens next?

Our Council will decide on an approach to approving programmes against our new standards in 2018. We’ll share this information as soon as it becomes available and regularly update our website. 

We intend to approve programmes under the new standards from October 2018.