Modify an existing education programme

An approved education institution (AEI) might need to request a programme modification, such as the introduction of flexible routes including nursing degree apprenticeships in England.

How we manage these depends on the extent of the changes.

Under the new quality assurance (QA) framework, you do not have to submit information to us on minor modifications, however you need to have robust governance processes in place to internally monitor and record these changes.

Adding an apprenticeship route to an existing programme

If you're currently approved to deliver a pre-registration nursing programme and want to add an apprenticeship route, you'll need to submit a modification request to our QA service provider, Mott MacDonald, through the QA hub and tell us that you intend to run a nursing degree apprenticeship.

In your notification you'll need to let us know the:

  • current nursing routes in approval (for example work-based, full time, part time)
  • practice learning partners
  • student numbers and cohorts
  • fields of nursing practice
  • timeline.

Once we've conducted our internal risk-based assessment and preliminary QA checks we'll let Mott MacDonald know that they can proceed with the modification request. They'll then guide you through the next stages.

The nature of the modification will be subject to a risk assessment that will consider:

  • first pre-registration nursing programme in approval/first cohort not yet completed
  • current nursing routes in approval (for example work-based, full time, part time)
  • annual self-assessment reports
  • any open action plans as a result of our monitoring activity
  • external system regulator or other reports.