Quality Assurance Link

In August 2020 we launched the NMC’s Quality Assurance (QA) link.

The QA link brings together the functionality of our Approved Programme Database and the QA Hub. Our aim is for the QA link to be your ‘one stop shop’ for all your QA activities.

New Education Institutions will be able to submit a request to become an Approved Education Institution (AEI) through the QA link.

As an AEI user you will be able to do the following:

  • Create a profile
  • Manage your contact details, account users and approved programmes
  • Submit programme approval/modification/endorsement requests
  • Manage your approval visits
  • Submit evidence via the Gateway process
  • Submit observations and conditions
  • Discontinue approved programmes

Mott MacDonald and QA visitors will continue to manage all requests and visits through the QA link and you will be kept updated of the progress of your requests.

In the future we will be adding more QA activities and functionality to the QA link with the aim of moving all your QA activities into it. This will enable you to access more of your data and have a greater oversight of your programmes.

Visit our QA Link

Training resources

We have a number of guides to familiarise you with the processes of the QA link:

Our partners, Mott MacDonald, have also published guidance on their website for AEIs and visitors:

You can view our webinars on the functionality of the QA link here.

QA link support

We have a dedicated resource to support EIs, AEIs, and all external stakeholders that will use the QA link.

You will be able to submit requests for information on how to use the QA Link and any issues that you encounter with your account.

You can contact us to submit all your queries in relation to the QA  link.