How we approve education programmes

Education institutions need to get our approval before they can deliver programmes for nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

This is part of our quality assurance (QA) process, which we carry out in line with our QA framework

A programme cannot run until it successfully passes through our approval process and we’ve confirmed in writing that it has been approved.

About our approval process

We base our approval on whether education institutions and their practice learning partners can meet our education and training standards, as well as the relevant programme standards.

We’ll approve a programme if it meets our standards during our four-part ‘gateway process’.

The four ‘gateways’ consist of:

  • Gateway 1 – Part 1: Standards framework for nursing and midwifery education
  • Gateway 2 – Part 2: Standards for student supervision and assessment
  • Gateway 3 – Part 3: Programme standards
  • Gateway 4 – approval visit 

A programme cannot run until it successfully passes through each of these gateways and we've confirmed in writing that it has been approved.

Find out what it's like to go through the process. 

How to request NMC approval for your programme

Find out more about requesting approval to run a new education programme as:

We have a separate process for modifying an existing programme.

Why we may withdraw our approval

Programmes are approved indefinitely. However, if an AEI or practice placement partner does not, or will not, meet our standards, we may withdraw our approval.

We’ll also look to withdraw approval if we receive a report that indicates significant risk or concerns.

Find out more about how we monitor approved programmes for risks.