Who we work with

The organisations we engage with

We work with a wide range of organisations and individuals across the four UK countries in order to protect the public. These include other regulators, patient groups, trade unions, employers and educators, as well as the nurses and midwives on our register.

We work with a range of stakeholders to help develop our work. The Professional Strategic Advisory Group meets quarterly and involves senior nurses and midwives from across the UK. We also make sure we hear the views and concerns of those who use the services of nurses and midwives, and the wider public.

In our public affairs work, we keep politicians informed on how we are meeting our objectives and why we need changes to our legislative framework in order to become a more effective and efficient regulator.

We hold events such as roundtables that bring together experts in health and social care to discuss the relationship between regulation and other matters of public policy, such as professionalism.

Memorandums of understanding with external organisations

Network of European nursing competent authorities

Our role in education