Darllen yn Gymraeg

After a hearing or a meeting, a panel decides if the charges have been proved and if the person’s fitness to practise is impaired. This means that the panel has current concerns about the person's ability to practice safely and they’ll then decide the outcome of the case.

There are a number of different possible outcomes that a panel can choose to make, which are:

  • No sanction
  • A caution
  • Conditions of practice
  • Suspension
  • Striking off

Once a panel has made a decision, we'll be in contact with you to let you know the outcome and explain what this means.

If the case is proved, you can also see the hearing outcome in our hearings and sanctions section of the website.

Public support service

Once an outcome has been decided, our public support officers will also offer to meet with you. This meeting could either be at the end of a hearing or investigation, depending on when the case closes.

They'll explain the outcomes of our investigation in detail and provide you with the details of other organisations that can help you if you need support.

Find out more about our public support service

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