Feedback is important to us to help measure and improve our services. We will use any information you provide about yourself in line with our data privacy.

We use anonymised feedback as case studies in staff training to demonstrate areas of good practice and areas in which we can improve the service we provide.

Nurses and midwives

If you're a nurse or midwife who has gone through a fitness to practise process, or have referred a case, please fill in the FtP feedback form


If you're a witness, you can:

If you would like Welsh versions of these surveys, please contact the witness liaison team.

Our customer service

Our customer service standards set out the behaviours which our staff will apply when dealing with you. They have been produced to use as a reference for survey questions.

Complaints: Please do not use this form to make a complaint about our services. Please see complaints about us for information on how to do this.

FOI: Please do not use this form to make a freedom of information (FOI) request. If you would like to make a FOI request, please see our FOI and DPA page.