Pay fee and submit for assessment

When you're ready to submit your application, you'll need to pay the £23 subsequent registration fee.

Before you do this, review your application and make sure everything is correct to avoid any delays.

Your subsequent registration fee will be refunded if:

  • you withdraw your application before we can complete your registration
  • we close your application because you didn’t return the required supporting evidence within the timescales we gave you
  • your application is unsuccessful because we determine that you don’t meet our registration requirements. 

Assessing your application

We'll aim to assess your application within 30 days of receiving your completed application form and payment.

We’ll then contact you by email to let you know our decision and your next steps.

Tracking your application status

Your application tracker in your NMC Online account will update automatically to show what stage your application is at.

Please do not email us to ask for an update on your application as this can cause delays. 

If your application is successful

If we’re satisfied that your evidence meets our requirements then we’ll contact you to complete your registration declaration.

This gives you an opportunity to review the details we have for you and ensure the information on our register about you is up to date. You can tell us about any recent changes at this point.

Once you submit your declaration, if there are no changes to your personal details, health or character, your qualification will be accepted and added to your registration record automatically.

Your record will update within 24 hours. You’ll be able to download a new statement of entry to show all your registered qualifications once your record has been updated.

If your application is unsuccessful

If we’re not able to accept your qualification we will contact you by email to let you know why.

You'll get an opportunity to appeal the decision and provide any supporting information you have as part of that appeal.

Appealing our decision

We’re required to make a decision on your application within three months of receiving your completed application. If we fail to do this, you have a right of appeal.

You must make any appeal against a registration decision within 28 days of the decision. This should set out the grounds of the appeal and any evidence, such as the details of character referees or supporting statements.

You cannot appeal if your application was refused because you failed to pay your registration fee or if you submitted an incomplete application.