Phone numbers and email addresses

Phone numbers, emails and ways of contacting us

Before you get in touch

If you're registered with us, you can find all your registration details in your NMC Online account, including when you are expected to revalidate.

We can't reply to individual requests for revalidation dates by email or phone as this can be found in your NMC Online account.

You can also find answers to lots of common queries in our registration section and our Covid-19 information hub.

Email addresses


To help us respond to your query, please provide your PIN, PRN or Candidate ID in your email, if you have one.

Please do not send your enquiry to more than one mailbox as this will cause delays. We'll respond to your email as soon as we can - usually within ten working days. 

Reporting a concern about someone

  • Reporting a concern about someone on our register:
    • You'll receive an automatic email response to confirm receipt and an acknowledgement in writing, with your unique case reference number, within seven days.

Our emails may go into your junk email folder so make sure you check this regularly. To stop this from happening, add ‘’ to your safe senders list.

Please note if you are sending supporting information by email, we ask that attachments exceeding 25MB are sent in smaller individual batches to ensure they will be received.

Telephone numbers

You can contact us by telephone 08:00–17:45 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Please try to avoid the busiest times which are all day Monday and Tuesday–Friday, between 10:00 and 12:00.

  • General enquiries and fitness to practise: 020 7637 7181
  • Registration enquiries: 020 7333 9333
  • International enquiries: 020 7333 6600

Other ways to contact us

Discussing your registration with a third party

If you would like a third party (such as a relative or nursing agency/company) to contact us about your registration on your behalf, we must have written confirmation from you.

Once we receive the completed form, we'll update your file. It can take up to five working days for this to appear on your file.

We won't be able to discuss any details with the third party until this process is complete.

Employers are able to access information about your registration date, the part of the register that you are on and whether you are currently effective on the register using the employers confirmation service.

If they require further information, then you will need to request this permission for them.

Respect for our staff

We welcome you raising concerns or complaints about our work. And we want to support you to do this. However we will not tolerate unreasonable or unacceptable behaviour towards our staff.

We ask that you are polite and respectful when contacting us.

If we consider your behaviour to be unacceptable, we will discuss this with you and ask you to stop. If your behaviour continues we may decide to take action to manage or restrict your contact with the NMC.

You can read more about this process in our Unreasonable or unacceptable behaviour policy. If you have any questions about this please get in touch with our complaints team.

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