There may be a number of reasons why you want to cancel your registration with us. For example, you may be moving abroad, retiring from practice or changing career.

How to cancel your registration

You can cancel your registration in the account services section of your NMC Online account.

You can do this up to 30 days before the date you wish to leave our register.

Once your registration has been cancelled you won’t be able to practise as a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate in the UK.

If you’re subject to a current fitness to practise referral and wish to leave the register, you should apply for removal by agreement from the register instead.

Returning to the register

If you want to re-join the register at a later date, you'll need to apply for apply for readmission. This can take up to six weeks.


We cannot refund any part of your annual fee if you decide to lapse your registration at any point during the year.

Find out more about registration fee refunds.

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