Suspension orders 2018

The following nurses and midwives have had suspension orders continued in 2018.

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Name PIN Part of
Date Suspension imposed Date last review Suspension order review outcome


Silaghi, Florin 15J0623C RN- Adult Nurse; 16 Feb 20 Jun 2023 Suspension order extended


Paul, Naijil 04E0913O Adult Nurse; 08 Oct 23 Apr 2024 Interim suspension order for 12 months - High Court extension


Asare, Daniella Fearson 04J0186O Adult Nurse 16 Nov 19 Apr 2024 Suspension order extended
Gardner, Jacqueline Denise 75J1530E Adult Nurse; 22 Nov 10 May 2022 Interim suspension order extended for six months - High Court extension


Hudson, Catherine Elizabeth 10B1893E Adult Nurse; 07 Dec 24 May 2024 Interim suspension order extended for seven months - High Court extension

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