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Suspension orders 2016

The following nurses and midwives have had suspension orders continued in 2016.

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Name PIN Part of
Date Suspension imposed Date last review Suspension order review outcome


Chimbunde, Brighton 99I6564E Mental Hth. Nurse; 07 Jan 13 Dec 2018  Suspension order extended
McKee, Patrick 90E0006E Mental Hth. Nurse; 13 Jan 05 Jan 2021 Interim suspension order continued


Brown, Andrea Jane 10L0148E Adult Nurse; 29 Feb 29 Oct 2020 Suspension order extended


Cullen, Paul Anthony 90Y1039E Adult Nurse; 04 Mar 02 Feb 2018 Suspension order extended
Russo, Natasha 09I1296E Adult Nurse 24 Mar 19 Jan 2021 Suspension order extended


Disley, Gillian 07C0630E Mental Hth. Nurse; 27 Apr 14 Oct 2020 Suspension order extended
Hunter, Lesley Anne 82J0029S Adult Nurse; 18 Jul 20 Mar 2020 Suspension order extended


Garde, Juliet Amanda 94C2673E Midwife; 15 Aug 24 Aug 2018 Suspension order extended


Griffiths, Phillipa Mair 95I4856E Midwife; 05 Sep 08 Sep 2020 Suspension order extended
Mitchell, Nikki Megan 05D0037E Adult Nurse; 07 Sep 22 Mar 2019 Suspension order extended
Parkhouse, Carmen 12D0143C Adult Nurse; 13 Oct 09 Apr 2019  Interim suspension order extended for seven months - High Court Extension
Tunaru, Nina 14J0119C Adult Nurse; 19 Oct 08 Jan 2020 Suspension order extended
West, Elizabeth 01A1151O Adult Nurse; 26 Oct 13 Jan 2021 Interim suspension order confirmed


Tsopotsa, Kudzai Ennerah 95Y0201O Adult Nurse; 24 Nov 25 May 2018 Interim suspension order extended


Briggs, Rebecca Claire 06B0710E Adult Nurse; 21 Dec 23 Aug 2018 Suspension order extended
Morgan, Lorna Mary Brigid 75Y2849E Adult Nurse; Midwife; 22 Dec 03 Dec 2019 Suspension order extended

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