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Adding qualifications

How to record qualifications

Once you are registered, you can study for qualifications which you can also record on our register. These qualifications will appear against your name under one of the following titles.

Recordable qualifications

  • V100: Community practitioner nurse prescriber
  • V150: Community practitioner nurse prescriber (without SPQ or SCPHN) 
  • V200: Nurse independent prescriber (extended formulary)
  • V300: Nurse independent/supplementary prescriber
  • LPE: Lecturer/Practice educator
  • TCH: Teacher
  • SPA: Specialist practitioner: Adult nursing
  • SPMH: Specialist practitioner: Mental health
  • SPC: Specialist practitioner: Children's nursing
  • SPLD: Specialist practitioner: Learning disability nursing
  • SPGP: Specialist practitioner: General practice nursing
  • SCMH: Specialist practitioner: Community mental health nursing
  • SCLD: Specialist practitioner: Community learning disabilities nursing
  • SPCC: Specialist practitioner: Community children’s nursing
  • SPDN: Specialist practitioner: District nursing

For a list of universities where these courses are available, please see our approved programmes section. 

If you have completed a qualification relevant to our register, your university will upload your course completion details on to our database.

Following this, we will contact you asking you to record your qualifications via NMC Online. The process will take 2-5 working days from when the university uploads your information.

You must complete the application form and pay the required fee. If everything is completed correctly, your qualification will be recorded on the register within 2–5 working days. You will then receive an email confirming your qualification has been added to the register.

You can check your registration information through NMC Online. Employers can use the online confirmation service to check your registration.

It is important that you apply to register within five years of your course completion date or one year if you are recording a prescribed qualification. If you do not register your qualification within the required time, you will have to complete the course again.

Subsequent qualifications

If you are already on the register and have completed one of the subsequent registrations below, please see our section on Initial Registration as the same process for registering these qualifications applies. The application fee for subsequent registration qualifications is £23.

For a list of universities where these courses are available, please see our approved programmes section.

Nurses part of the register sub part 1

  • RN1: Adult nurse, level 1
  • RNA: Adult nurse, level 1
  • RN3: Mental health nurse, level 1
  • RNMH: Mental health nurse, level 1
  • RN5: Learning disabilities nurse, level 1
  • RNLD: Learning disabilities nurse, level 1
  • RN8: Children's nurse, level 1
  • RNC: Children's nurse, level 1

Nurses part of the register sub part 2

  • RN2: Adult nurse, level 2
  • RN4: Mental health nurse, level 2
  • RN6: Learning disabilities nurse, level 2
  • RN7: General nurse, level 2
  • RN9: Fever nurse, level 2

Midwives part of the register

  • RM: Midwife

Nursing associates part of the register

  • NAR: Nursing associate

Specialist community public health nurses part of the register

  • RHV: Health visitor
  • HV: Health visitor
  • RSN: School nurse
  • SN: School nurse
  • ROH: Occupational health nurse
  • OH: Occupational health nurse
  • RFHN: Family health nurse
  • FHN: Family health nurse
  • RPHN: Specialist community public health nurse

Updating your details

When recording a qualification, the details you provided to your university must match the details that we hold. If not, there may be a delay in registering your qualification.

If you believe that the details you provided to your university (such as your name, address or date of birth) are different to those that we hold, read our section on how to update your details.