Anyone can raise a concern if they feel the safety of patients or the public is at risk. This includes concerns about anyone on our Covid-19 temporary register.

Where concerns about someone on the temporary register are raised, we may need to consider whether their registration should be restricted, or whether they should be removed from the temporary register altogether.

At this time of emergency, we recognise the valuable contribution that people make by joining the temporary register. Any decision to remove someone from the temporary register will be taken on a risk-based approach, taking into account the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 emergency.

Where you have a genuine concern about someone on our temporary register, we need accurate information which will allow us to assess that concern. This so that we can make an informed decision about what action to take, ensuring that any concerns raised with us are appropriate and contain all the information we need so we can act and respond quickly.

Raising a concern

If you're unsure which register a nurse, midwife or nursing associate is on, you can search our Covid-19 temporary register or permanent register.

The forms below are only to raise a concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate on our Covid-19 temporary register.

Raise a concern as members of the public

Raise a concern as an employer

Find out more about raising a concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate on our permanent register.

Covid-19 temporary removal guidance

Under the emergency legislation that gives us the power to create our temporary register, it also provides us with the power to remove people from the temporary register.  Our normal registration and fitness to practise processes do not apply to people on our temporary register. 

You can find out more in our Covid-19 Temporary Registration Removal Guidance.

Removal when the emergency no longer exists

When the government advises us that the emergency has ended, everyone who joined the temporary register will have their registration revoked. This means no one on our temporary register will be able to continue to practise as registered nurses, midwives or nursing associates. 

Removal for any other reason

The NMC’s Registrar also has the power to remove someone from the temporary register for any other reason, including where there are concerns that they may be putting patients or people using services at risk of harm.

When a concern is raised, we'll consider if that concern is something which could impair a registrant’s fitness to practise during the Covid-19 emergency.

The type of concerns that might be sufficiently serious to affect someone's fitness to practise on the Covid-19 temporary register includes:

  • Health concerns which aren't properly managed
  • Criminal convictions and cautions
  • Misconduct
  • A lack of clinical competence
  • Not having the necessary knowledge of English
  • Determinations by other health or social care organisations

We may also need to consider removing someone from the temporary register if it appears that:

  • There was a mistake in the original decision to allow them to join the temporary register;
  • They have breached conditions placed on their temporary registration;
  • An individual is misusing their temporary registration, for example, by practising in a way which is not linked to the Covid-19 emergency.