Covid-19 temporary register

Our temporary register shows who can practise as a nurse or midwife in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government introduced emergency legislation that allowed us to create our Covid-19 register. This legislation meant that we could temporarily register fit, proper and suitably experienced people, so they could practise if they wanted to and felt able to do so.

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Conditions of practice

The Covid-19 temporary register will allow you to search the nurses and midwives on the register, as well as showing you if they have any conditions of practice.

If you see any of the following codes, it means their registration has conditions of practice. These conditions are as follows:

CoP: set one:

  • they must work as a registered nurse or midwife in an employed capacity for a health or social care employer. 
  • they should always work under the direction of an NMC registered nurse, midwife or another registered healthcare professional who is not on a temporary register.

Search the register

You can confirm a nurse or midwife's registration on the Covid-19 temporary register below.