If we've decided that a concern needs further investigation, the screening team will pass it onto the investigation team.

The investigation team will then gather evidence like documents, witness statements and information from employers. They’ll continually assess all the information they receive to decide what the next steps in the investigation should be.

They’ll also assess if there’s a change to the level of risk, and whether or not an interim order is needed.

At the end of the investigation, the team will put together a report for our case examiners to look at.

How we investigate a concern

It's important to note that the investigation stage of our process is often the longest as we need to gather evidence. This can sometimes take a while to complete, but we’ll you will be kept up to date on progress by our teams.

During an investigation, an investigator might need to:

  • collect evidence about the concern, such as medical records or CCTV footage for which we may need to contact an employer
  • contact both the person who raised the concern and the nurse, midwife or nursing associate to find out more about what happened
  • speak to other witnesses over the phone and ask them if they’d be happy to attend a hearing if needed.

Find out more information about investigations if you've raised a concern with us