If you’re being or have been investigated, you can apply to be removed from the register without the need for a full hearing. This is called agreed removal.

Once you’ve been removed from the register, you can't practice as a nurse, midwife or nursing associate.

Can you apply for agreed removal?

Agreed removal may be appropriate for you if you no longer want to continue practising, provided the concerns raised are not so serious that they need to be considered by a fitness to practise panel (concerns that could result in you being struck off from our register).

If you're not subject to a fitness to practise investigation and want to leave the register, you can apply to lapse your registration.

Agreed removal criteria

The circumstances in which we’re likely to accept applications for agreed removal are:

  • the regulatory concerns are not so serious that they are fundamentally incompatible with being a registered professional; and
  • the nurse, midwife or nursing associate provides evidence that they don’t intend to continue practising.

How to apply for agreed removal

You can submit an application for agreed removal at any point during the fitness to practise process but, if you decide to apply before we have completed our investigation, we’ll consider carefully whether we have enough information to understand the full extent of the regulatory concerns and make a fully informed decision about your application.

You'll need to complete an application form for agreed removal and send it to your case officer.

If we become aware of concerns about someone who has previously been granted agreed removal, we keep a record of the concern. This information helps the Registrar decide if the nurse, midwife or nursing associate is capable of safe and effective practice if you choose to apply for readmission to the register in the future.