Neelam Dhansey

Registered nursing associate in critical care

Neelam Djansey

What does being a nursing associate mean to you?

‘I have worked in critical care for a total of eight years (firstly as a health care advisor!) As an NA, I implement plans and focus on my patients, to make sure they receive the best care from me.’

What’s been your most rewarding moment as a registered nursing associate?

‘The past three years have been terrible for us all. The most rewarding part for me since joining the register is definitely seeing patients get better and go to the ward and eventually, home! It’s a lovely feeling to see patients thrive and improve under my care.’

What advice do you have for someone training, or thinking of training, to be a nursing associate?

‘Do it! As long as you have the passion for nursing and a fire in your belly, it’ll be worth it. It’s also the best thing I’ve done for my career progression. The world needs more people like us.’