Heidi West

Registered nursing associate and Apprenticeship Facilitator for nursing associates at the University of Salford

Heidi West.jpgWhat does being a nursing associate mean to you?

‘It means I have underpinning evidence-based, patient-centred knowledge for every task I complete, every decision I make and every conversation I have.’

What’s been your most rewarding moment as a registered nursing associate? 

‘I’ve had the privilege to support trainee nursing associates in practice (and through my university role) who have completed the course despite the challenges of the pandemic. Seeing their transitions from apprentices to registrants makes me feel like a proud mum!’

What advice do you have for someone training, or thinking of training, to be a nursing associate? 

‘Stay motivated. I always talk about ‘trainee nursing associate magic’ and it’s easy for this to dwindle due to pressures in work and deadlines at university. Seek support from people who can help you rekindle the magic.’