For Every Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different. And every pregnancy has its own journey, with highs and lows and bumps along the way.

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For Every Pregnancy aims to show that each pregnancy is unique, and whatever stage you're at, your midwife team should be right alongside you.

Next to you, your partner, family, or friends is your midwife team. They are there to answer any questions and support you with decisions and advice. If things get complicated and you need additional care, your midwives will continue caring for you as part of the wider team.  

From choosing where to give birth to how you feed your baby, ask your team of midwives anything. 

“The campaign makes it very clear that the options are there and it's you who can make the decision” Second time Mum 

Standards of care for you

Midwives are regulated, which means they follow our professional Code every day. They study and practice according to our midwifery standards, which are designed to promote kind, safe and effective care.

The Code says they have to work in partnership with pregnant women and people and those supporting them. This means they must recognise and respect your feelings and choices and help you to make decisions. 

Find out more about the standards of care you can expect and through your pregnancy journey.  

If you have a concern

We’re here to support your midwife team to give safe, effective and kind care during your pregnancy. 

It’s important you feel you can speak up and talk to one of your midwives if you are not happy about the care you are getting.

If you need to raise a more formal concern it's usually best to start by raising your concern with the midwife’s employer. An employer is usually best placed to resolve issues quickly and fairly. If that doesn’t get the result you want you can call our helpline on 020 3307 6802 for advice. 

Find out more about how to raise a concern

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