Return to practice consultation

This consultation closed in November 2018

Our public consultation on returning to practice was open from 24 September to 16 November 2018. We're grateful to those who took part in the consultation.

What we asked

We want to make it as straightforward as possible for people to demonstrate that they’re ready to return to professional practice.

Our consultation booklet (Cymraeg) and draft standards documents (Cymraeg) explain our proposals in full. 

What happened next

The consultation responses were analysed by an independent research agency. We used the findings to refine our new standards.

Download the consultation response.

In March 2019, our Council approved the new return to practice standards for nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

We published the new return to practice standards in May 2019.

What has changed

Previously, if someone had time off our register, we asked them to pass a course to make sure they’re safe to practice before they rejoin our register.

We've made changes to these courses and introduced a new option from 2020 where anyone looking to rejoin our register can chose to take a knowledge test and a practical test instead of going on a course.