Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Competency Framework for All Prescribers

We’ve adopted the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Prescribing Competency Framework as our standards of competency for prescribing practice

All prescribing programmes approved under our new standards for prescribing programmes must deliver outcomes which meet the requirements of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Prescribing Competency Framework.

This competency framework sets out what the professionals on our register need to know and be able to do by the time they register their prescribing qualification with us. The requirements of the competency framework will be the standards we consider safe and effective prescribing practice for all prescribers on our register.

We first adopted the RPS competency framework in 2018. The RPS published a refreshed framework in September 2021, which we then adopted in November 2021.

All Approved Educational Institutions (AEIs) had to confirm their approved prescribing programmes meet the refreshed framework no later than 1 September 2022. We're also asking our existing prescribers to familiarise themselves with the refreshed standards.

Visit the Royal Pharmaceutical Society website to find out more about the refreshed framework.

Using the competency framework

Educational institutions should read the competency framework alongside our standards for prescribing programmes to get a better picture of what we expect of them and their practice placement partners when delivering a NMC-approved prescribing programme.

Prescribers on our register should refer to the competency framework and other relevant sources of information and guidance to inform their ongoing prescribing practice.

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