Moving from temporary registration to permanent registration

We had a fantastic response from the professionals who joined our Covid-19 temporary register to support the response to the emergency and recovery. We’re incredibly grateful for the contribution you've made.

Since March 2022, we have not been temporarily registering new people as the relevant part of the Coronavirus Act 2020 expired. Then, as we previously announced in September 2023, the Government confirmed temporary registration would end on 31 March 2024.

Professionals who had a temporary registration have now had their registration revoked under Art 9A(7). If you would like to continue practising after this date, you will need to re-join our permanent register.

This page explains how you can do this. We recommend starting the process as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Applying to join the permanent register

You can apply for readmission to our permanent register in line with our return to practice (RtP) standards and readmission process at any time during or after your temporary registration.

As part of your readmission application, you must demonstrate that you have either:

  • completed 750 practice hours over 5 years
  • completed 450 practice hours over 3 years
  • completed a return to practice programme, or
  • completed a test of competence
Information for overseas registration applicants

You will need to successfully complete your CBT and OSCE as well as all the registration requirements before joining the full register.

Once we have your pass results and application evidence we’ll assess your application. We may ask you for further information if any of your evidence needs clarifying.

Completing the Test of Competence (CBT and OSCE) is an important way for you to show that you have all the necessary skills to complete your overseas application and practise unsupervised on our permanent register.

You can stay on our temporary register and continue to work while you take your CBT and OSCE. Once you’ve passed your test and joined our permanent register, the current conditions on your practice will be removed.

Find out more about taking the OSCE during this time.

How to apply

To apply to the permanent register please complete the application form below, providing information regarding your CPD, practice hours, employment information while on the temporary register, and sign the declarations regarding your health and character.

Please read the instructions fully before starting to complete the forms.

When complete, scan the application and reference form (as PDF or JPG file) and return these by email to our readmission mailbox

Please note the following before submitting:

  • All forms must include hand written signatures, please don’t use e-signatures.
  • Don’t opt out of the temporary register until you have received confirmation that you have been successfully readmitted to the permanent register.
  • This form should only be used if you are applying to move from the temporary register to the permanent register

Please allow 7-10 working days for us to process your application once we have received it.

Once we have a complete application we will contact you to arrange for the £120 registration fee to be paid.

Application form

What you will need as part of your application to the permanent register

This section sets out what you'll need to do and provide as part of your application. We've also added some extra information for referees. 

1. Practice hours

You must have undertaken registered practice for either:

  • 450 hours in the three years before you start your readmission application, or
  • 750 hours in the five years before you start your readmission application.

Any hours you have practised on the temporary register will count as practice hours needed for readmission to the register, along with any other practising hours as a nurse or midwife while on the permanent register within the last 3 or 5 years. 

I can't meet this requirement

If you haven't practised for the required hours, you’ll need to complete a return to practice course or complete a Test of Competence.

2. Continuing professional development (CPD) hours

You must have gained 35 hours of learning in the three years before you apply for readmission.

These hours don't need to be from the time you were effective on the register.

3. Professional indemnity arrangement

All registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates must hold appropriate cover under a professional indemnity arrangement.

You’ll be asked to declare to us that you currently hold this cover, or will hold it when practising. 

See the guidance on professional indemnity arrangements.

4. English language

We’ll assess your application to determine whether or not you meet our English language requirements.

You can meet our requirements if:

  • you’ve been registered with us in the last two years
  • you’ve met the practice hours in a majority English language speaking country
  • you’ve completed an NMC approved return to practice course that was taught in an NMC-approved educational institution and you’ve relied on this to apply for readmission
  • you’ve completed a pre-registration nurse, midwife or nursing associate programme that was taught and examined in English in a majority English-speaking country
  • you’ve achieved the required score in an English language test accepted by the NMC.

We may ask you for evidence of how you meet our requirements.

5. Health and character declarations

In your application you'll need to declare:

  • any health condition and/or disability which may affect your ability to practise safely and effectively
  • any police charges, cautions, convictions or conditional discharges other than those which are protected 
  • any fitness to practise determinations you have received from any other regulatory body

Read our guidance on health and character to find out what you must tell us about.

6. Supporting declaration and references

We’ll ask you for references in your application. Your referees need to be three different people.

Referee 1

We’ll ask you for the name and Pin of a NMC registrant to provide a supporting declaration of your health and character. This referee should:

  • be from the same part of the register as you are applying to join (for example, if you’re applying to readmit as a nurse, your referee must also be a registered nurse),
  • have known you for at least one year in the last three years, and
  • have been in contact in the last six months.

Referee 2

We’ll ask you for the name and email address of your employer.

Referee 3

We’ll ask for the name and email address of someone on our list of approved signatories that you have known for the last year.

Overseas practice

If you’re declaring overseas practice we’ll also ask you for:

  • A certificate of professional standing from the country you are declaring practice from - you need to contact the regulator you’re registered with to request this.

If you’re declaring overseas practice from a country not on the majority English speaking country list, we’ll ask you for evidence of English language as well.

7. If you're applying for readmission within 6 months of your revalidation due date

If your registration has lapsed within six months of your most recent revalidation date, you'll also need to complete some of the revalidation requirements.

You'll need to:

  • provide surname and Pin of a NMC registrant to provide supporting declaration of your health and character - they must have known you for at least one year in the last three years, and been in contact in the last 6 months
  • provide the name and email address of your employer
  • provide the name and email address of someone on our list of approved signatories that you have known for the last year
  • declare 20 hours of your 35 hours of CPD are participatory
  • declare you’ve obtained five pieces of practice-related feedback
  • declare you have five written reflective accounts
  • confirm you’ve had a reflective discussion with an NMC registrant and provide their name and Pin

Your referees need to be three different people.

Visit our revalidation section for more detail on these requirements.

Information for referees

Before a nurse, midwife or nursing associate can be readmitted to our register, we have to be satisfied that they're able to meet our health and character requirements.

To help us make this decision, we ask applicants to nominate a referee to provide a supporting declaration of their good health and character. 

When a referee signs the declaration of health and character, they’re confirming that the applicant's health and/or character is such that they are able to practise safely and effectively.

Referees should consider our guidance on health and character when making their supporting declaration.

What about charges, cautions, convictions and conditional discharges?

We expect the person responsible for signing the supporting declaration to think carefully about how a charge, caution, conviction or conditional discharge may impact on the character of the applicant before deciding whether to sign it or not.

There may also be determinations from other regulatory bodies and conduct that would breach the requirements of the Code (whether or not it has resulted in criminal proceedings) that you may also need to think about.

Read our guidance on health and character for further information on what to consider.

What about health conditions and/or disabilities?

Having a health condition and/or disability doesn’t stop someone from being able to register with us – we just need to know whether their health condition and/or disability allows them to practise safely and effectively with or without reasonable adjustments.

What if I am unable to provide a supporting declaration?

If you're unable to provide a supporting declaration to confirm the applicant’s health and character, we'll ask you for the reasons why. We'll consider this information when making a final decision about the application.

 We'll also ask the applicant to find another individual who can make the supporting declaration. If they can't, they will not be able to proceed with their application.

Support for returning to practice

If you are in England, Health Education England (HEE) can support you back into nursing or midwifery practice. They can provide information about the routes back in and provide you with one to one support, guidance and other resources. They really want to hear from you.

You can find out more about how HEE can help you on your journey to return to nursing or midwifery on their health careers websites below.

Return to nursing
Return to midwifery

If you are in Scotland, please visit the NHS Scotland page on returning to practice.

In Wales, please visit the NHS Wales page.

In Northern Ireland you should visit the Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery (NIPEC) site.