Return to practice course

How to find a course

If you have not completed the required practice hours, you will need to undertake a return to practice course before being able to re-join the register. You must have completed 450 hours of registered practice in the three years before you apply for readmission to the register, or 750 hours of registered practice in the five years before you apply.

For a list of universities which offer these courses, see our approved programmes.

Your university will tell us once you have completed this course. We will then send a letter advising you to sign up to NMC Online to apply for readmission. If you are already registered with NMC Online we will email you asking you to apply for readmission.

Find out about our readmission process.

Return to practice courses can also be used to fulfil the practice hours requirement for revalidation. If you have practised for fewer than the required number of hours in the three year period since your registration was last renewed or you joined the register, then you must successfully complete an appropriate return to practice course before your revalidation application date. For further details of the revalidation practice hours requirement please see our revalidation microsite.

SCPHN – Returning to practice

Please note if you hold a SCPHN qualification and wish to have this held effective on the register you will need to discuss this with your university to ensure it is covered as part of your return to practice course.