Paying your fee

How to pay the annual fee

Paying your registration fee is easier than ever. If you pay by direct debit, you can either pay the full amount in one go, or spread the cost over four quarterly payments throughout the year.

Not only is direct debit the easiest payment method, it also removes the risk of lapsing if your payment is late.

If your payment is late, you will be automatically taken off the register which means you must stop working as a nurse or midwife until you are readmitted to the register – a process that can take between two to six weeks.

Setting yourself up to pay couldn’t be easier. Simply create an NMC Online account and input your payment details.

This short animation explains how you can pay your fee:

We have also produced some posters for employers to help remind nurses and midwives to pay their annual fee to the NMC.

Paying your fee poster
Paying your fee poster (print version)

Keep your details up to date

It is really important that you keep your personal details, including your email address, up to date. This is because we use the email address that you have provided to let you know about important updates that affect your registration including when your annual fee is due.

We know that sometimes our emails can find their way into your junk email folder so make sure you check it regularly. To prevent this, add to your safe senders list.

If you don’t use NMC Online we will send you a letter. Whether you choose to use NMC Online or not, it’s really important to keep your contact information up to date.

I forgot to pay my fee, how do I get back on to the register?

If you do not pay your fee on time you will automatically be taken off the register and you will be unable to practise as a nurse or midwife in the UK. If this happens you will need to follow our readmission process to get back on to the register.

Our check list shows the things you will need to demonstrate when going through our readmission process.

Paying your fee by instalment agreement

If you’d like to pay your annual registration fee by quarterly instalments you’ll need to set this up at least 20 days before the first day of the month in which your registration is due to expire.

If paying by instalments you are entering into an agreement with us to pay the full annual fee and that we can collect all four instalments by Direct Debit. We are providing you with a full year's registration as part of this agreement. If any of your Direct Debit payments fail to be collected, you’ll be required to pay the full, outstanding balance of any unpaid quarters immediately. If you decide to lapse your registration at any point during the year you’ll still need to pay any remaining quarters as registration is annual and not quarterly.

If we’re unable to collect your Direct Debit, we’ll send you a reminder and then a final notice, 14 days before the end of that quarter. At this stage you’ll no longer be able to pay by instalment and you must pay the full fee for the remainder of the year. If you don’t respond to this final reminder and fail to pay in time, your registration will lapse. You’ll then be unable to practise and you’ll need to seek readmission to the register.