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Paying your fee

How to pay the annual fee

Every year you need to pay a fee to maintain your registration with the NMC.

We will notify you of the date your fee is due by email if you have an NMC Online account, or else by letter. Please note that you must pay your fee before your due date or your registration will automatically lapse. If this happens, the only way you can regain your registration would be by applying for readmission. This process can take two to six weeks, depending on your circumstances. You would be unable to practise during that period.

Payment methods

You can now pay your annual registration fee by instalment or in a single payment, both through your NMC Online account.

Single annual payment

  • by Direct Debit
  • by debit or credit card.

We are unable to accept payment by cheque, banker's draft, or cash payments.

Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay your annual registration fee is by Direct Debit. You can set up a Direct Debit via your NMC Online account.  Please note that the Direct Debit collection is made at the beginning of the month in which your registration expires. You will need to set up your Direct Debit at least 20 days prior to the collection date. This will allow sufficient time for the Direct Debit to be processed. Read more about the Direct Debit guarantee.

Debit or credit card

You can enter your card details securely to pay your fee.

Paying your fee by instalment

You can now pay your annual registration fee in four quarterly instalments. For example, if your registration fee is due in December and you choose to pay by instalment, the first payment will be collected on or around 1 December. The second instalment will be collected on or around 1 March and then every 3 months thereafter.

This payment option is only available by setting up a Direct Debit Instruction through an NMC Online account. When you sign up to pay your annual registration fee by instalment, you are agreeing to pay for a year’s registration and if we are unable to collect an instalment, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance immediately.

If you would like to set up payment by instalment you will need to do so 20 days before the first of the month in which your registration is due to expire. This allows sufficient time to establish the Direct Debit with your bank as well as our own systems and for collection on the first of the month as detailed above. Hence, the deadline for setting up a December quarterly Direct Debit would be 11 November.

If we are unable to collect the Direct Debit, we will send you a reminder and then a final notice, 14 days prior to the end of that quarter. At that stage you can no longer pay by instalment and must pay the full fee for the remainder of the year. Please note if you do not respond to this final reminder and fail to pay in time, your registration will lapse. If your registration lapses, you will be unable to practise and you must seek readmission to the register.