If you have been added to the temporary register, this will either be as a registered nurse, midwife or dual qualified nurse and midwife.

We won't add any fields of practice or annotations to your temporary registration. This includes any previous prescribing qualification you may have held.

Conditions of practice

While on the temporary register, you can only practise in support of the Covid-19 emergency, either directly or indirectly. You'll need to comply with the Code and work within your scope of practice.

Your Covid-19 temporary registration may have extra conditions of practice. These will appear against your entry on the Covid-19 temporary register.

Health, character and indemnity

We'll rely on you making an assessment of your own health and character, which may be confirmed by any prospective employer.

Please consider your own health and wellbeing and refer to the most recent government guidance when making your decision. 

You should also speak to your employer about what arrangements will be in place for indemnity cover.

Pay and working arrangements

Once you're on the temporary register, we'll make your details available to those leading the UK's health and care services. They're co-ordinating and planning how best to deploy the emergency workforce.

If they need your support, they'll contact you directly using the email address you give us to see if you want to work.

Who to contact about working arrangements

We're not managing the deployment of the emergency workforce, so we cannot answer questions about where you will be working, your pay or pension.

Check the links below, depending on which part of the UK you are based, to find out more about the different arrangements in place for supporting you to join the Covid-19 workforce.

Country If you were previously on the NMC register

The NHS is currently recruiting for a number of paid and voluntary roles to assist with the urgent vaccine response. Find out more on the NHS England website.

There are also opportunities to support through your local organisation and bank arrangements. These can be accessed through each NHS Trust’s website.

Scotland See Coronavirus (COVID-19): guide for health professions considering a return to the NHS Scotland
Wales See Covid-19: Guidance for nursing and midwifery workforce
Northern Ireland See Covid-19: Returning Professionals Advice

You can also contact your royal college or trade union if you have any questions:

Coming off the temporary register

You will no longer be registered:

  • When the temporary register formally closes
  • if our Registrar decides to remove your name from the temporary register during this time
  • if at any time you decide to opt out of the temporary register

Opt out of the temporary register

Once you've joined the temporary register, you can change your mind at any time and opt out.

Moving to full registration

Find out more about moving to full registration if you want to continue to practise once the Covid-19 temporary register closes.