Professionals with temporary registration are subject to conditions to make sure there are appropriate safeguards in place for them to practise safely and effectively during this emergency. 

These are called conditions of practice and they must be complied with at all times.

What are the conditions of practice and who do they apply to?

This condition of practice applies to everyone with temporary registration:

  • You must undertake appropriate training and continuing professional development (CPD) to practise safely and effectively in your role during this emergency.

These conditions of practice apply to professionals with temporary registration who have not held permanent registration for more than three years and overseas candidates with temporary registration:

  • You must work as a registered nurse or midwife in an employed capacity for a health or social care employer.
  • You should always work under the direction of an NMC registered nurse, midwife or other registered healthcare professional who is not on a temporary register.

Your entry on the register will show that you have conditions of practice on your temporary registration. These conditions will be in place for the duration of your temporary registration.

We will contact you when it has been more than three years since you left the permanent register to find out if you are practising. If you are, conditions of practice will be added to your temporary registration. If you are not, you will be removed from the temporary registration.

What does “work under the direction” mean?

The professional on the permanent register and other registered health professionals should assess the suitability and competence of the professional with temporary registration, and direct them to undertake appropriate care activities and tasks.

This could include, but is not limited to, specific nursing and midwifery procedures and the administration of drugs and medicines.

In practice, this means that an individual practising under these conditions of practice cannot be in charge of leading or managing the provision of health or social care for an individual or group or setting.

If I have conditions on my practice, can I do further training while temporarily registered?

You can complete any training or development that would help you in your role and capacity, as long as you are still working within these conditions of practice.

Other requirements

Temporary registered nurses and midwives must continue to be deployed in roles that support the Covid-19 response and recovery only.

It also remains a requirement for professionals to have appropriate indemnity arrangements in place for any work they do while temporarily registered.