Five year rule guidance consultation

This consultation has now closed and a report on the results is published below

As a result of the consultation, Council at its November meeting confirmed that applicants who have not registered a qualification within the five year period will have to demonstrate that they meet the current standards applying to their qualification.

Council approved guidance setting out two ways to do this. Generally, the guidance requires these applicants to undertake training again. Those who wish to register as an adult or childrens nurse or a midwife may elect to undertake a competence test instead.

Background to the consultation

The NMC’s legislation, the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 (the Order) currently allows UK trained nurses and midwives who hold approved qualifications to enter the register for a period of up to five years following completion of that qualification.

The legislation also specifies that if a nurse or midwife gained an approved qualification over five years ago, that they should undertake additional training, education or experience before entering the register for the first time.

In March 2013, Council clarified that when nurses or midwives apply to register their approved qualification more than five years after completion of their programme, they must be able to demonstrate that they continue to meet the standards that currently apply to that qualification, before they can be registered.

We have drafted guidance outlining the routes by which five year applicants can show that they meet the current standards. For example, this may be through completion of a competency test. The pre-registration nursing and midwifery standards that apply for entry to the register are included within the guidance.

Read the report on the results of the five year rule consultation.

This consultation closed at 17.00 on Wednesday 9 October 2013.

See the glossary of terms used in the consultation. A pdf version of the consultation questions and background information is also available to download