Consultation on the standards for supervisors of midwives

This consultation has now closed

The standards were revised taking into consideration the findings of the consultation. These standards were approved by Council in November and were published in February 2014.

Background to the consultation

The Nursing and Midwifery Order (2001) (The order) requires the Council to set standards for education, training, performance and conduct of nurses and midwives. It also provides for the Council to make rules to regulate the practice of midwifery and the supervision of midwives.

The rules and their related guidance are contained within the Midwives rules and standards (NMC, 2012). The rules and standards prescribe the qualifications of those that may be appointed as a supervisor of midwives. They also require those midwives wishing to become supervisors of midwives to undertake courses of education and training to ensure they have the competencies necessary to carry out this role.

The revised standards for supervisors of midwives and for supervisor of midwives education programmes have been developed for the purpose of preparing those midwives who, upon successful completion of the programme, intend to seek appointment as a supervisor of midwives. This consultation seeks your views on these revised draft standards which will replace the Standards for the preparation and practice of supervisors of midwives (NMC, 2006).

This consultation closed at 17.00 on Wednesday 9 October 2013.

See the glossary of terms used in the consultation. A pdf version of the consultation document and background information is also available to download.