Last Updated 16/11/2020

We take pride in our work. We're open to new ways of working and always do our best for the professionals on our register, the public we serve and each other.

So we write in a confident way that’s clear about what we do and why we do it.

Don't hedge

'Hedging' is when you water down a statement.

There's a reason our narrative says this:

We promote high professional standards...

Rather than this:

We are committed to promoting high professional standards...

In the second version, 'committed to' is a hedge. Ironically, it actually sounds less committed than the first version.

Other hedges to watch out for are 'could', 'might', 'try to', 'endeavour to', 'plan to'. Of course, sometimes you might need to use them (we just used 'might' there), but if it's possible to be more forthright then always do.