Practice learning scenarios

Our practice learning scenarios will help you understand how our new standards of proficiency will work and should be implemented in midwifery practice. 

Explore the midwifery practice enviroment case scenarios

We've set out some example scenarios and further information on how midwifery students can demonstrate their proficiency in a range of practice learning envrironments.

We'll continue to update this area with more case scenarios examples.

Supporting information on standards for student supervision and assessment

These pages contain the supporting information for all our new standards relating to student supervision and assessment. This information is updated regularly.

Visit our supporting information on standards 
for student supervision and assessment

Downloadable resources

Useful resources


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Learning about our standards of proficiency for registered midwives

IME 2020: Education panel

Dr Jacqui Williams one of our Senior Mdiwifey Advisors joined a panel discussion to discuss the leadership challenges during the Covid-19 emergency and the NMC's role as the regulator of midwives. 

IME 2020: NMC Masterclass

Dr Jacqui Williams and Verena Wallace our Senior Mdiwifey Adisors (Education/Policy) give a masterclass on how the NMC has been an agile regulator during the COVD-19 emergency.