A nurse, midwife or nursing associate must undertake a minimum number of practice hours to remain on, or rejoin, our register. 

Our return to practice standards set out the options available if you are unable to meet the practice hours requirements. 

We published these standards on 20 May 2019. On 30 April 2024, we made minor updates to the language, structure, and layout of our standards of proficiency. We haven’t included any new content or additional regulatory expectations. The changes ensure that both our programme and proficiency standards are presented consistently in our new visual identity, and improve their readability and overall accessibility. 

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Who they apply to

These standards will apply if you:

  • have lapsed from our register and want to rejoin the register by seeking readmission but can’t meet the practice hours and CPD requirements
  • are on our register and want to renew registration but can’t meet the practice hours and registration requirements.

In these situations you can either:

Pre-2019 standards

We published our new return to practice standards on 20 May 2019.

Our pre-2019 return to practice standards will apply to courses that have already been approved. We're starting approvals for programmes delivering our new standards.

If you're thinking of returning to practice

We've published some information about the options available to you when you're ready to rejoin our register.

Find out more about returning to practice