Readmission to the register

If you have previously been on our register and you wish to re-join after a break, you will need to meet some requirements and apply for readmission via NMC Online.

This page gives you an overview of who needs to apply for readmission, the different readmission requirements and the application process.

Who needs to apply for readmission

There are several reasons why you might want to re-join our register. Find out who needs to apply for readmission.

The readmission requirements

The readmission requirements vary depending on when you lapsed your registration and whether you have practised for sufficient hours.

  1. Most people who want to re-join our register and are applying for readmission will need to meet the general readmission requirements.
  2. If your registration has lapsed within six months of your original revalidation date then you will be required to complete some of the revalidation requirements.

Further information is available in our Checklist of requirements and Details of the requirements pages.

The application process

In most circumstances you can apply for readmission through your NMC Online account.

When you log in to your NMC Online account there will be an alert inviting you to make an application for readmission.

Find out how to apply for readmission.