Part two of the Test of Competence is a practical exam known as the OSCE. In this part you'll be tested on your clinical and communication skills.

There are five approved OSCE test providers delivering the Test of Competence for nursing associates:

For an overview of the OSCE read the following: Test of Competence for nursing associates: OSCE information booklet

OSCE structure

The OSCE has 10 stations:

  • Three stations are linked together around a nursing associate care process scenario: the AIE (one station for assessment, implementation and evaluation)
  • Five stations to test skills
  • Two new stations to assess the candidate's values and behaviours and evidence-based practice.


The fee for the OSCE is £794. The reduced resit fee is £397 if you need to resit 7 or fewer stations.

Booking your OSCE

Applying for initial registration

Once we've confirmed that you need to take the Test of Competence, you can book and pay for your OSCE with one of our test providers.