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Response to independent inquiry report on Ian Paterson

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Responding to today’s (Tuesday 4 February 2020) independent inquiry report into the circumstances and practices surrounding the malpractice of breast surgeon Ian Paterson, Andrea Sutcliffe CBE, Chief Executive and Registrar at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), said:

“Dr Paterson’s actions had a devastating impact on a large number of patients. 

“As the independent regulator for nursing and midwifery professionals, we will always listen and assess fully when concerns about the practice of those on our register are raised with us.

“We remain in contact with the Inquiry Team regarding two referrals and are considering whether there’s any regulatory action we need to take.

"When things go wrong in health and care services, there needs to be a culture of openness and learning to bring about real change that everyone can trust and have confidence in.

“We are committed to working with our fellow regulators and employers to improve our approach for the benefit of everyone using services and working in health and social care.

“We will consider the report and its recommendations very carefully to understand what more we need to do so that better, safer care can thrive.”

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