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NMC publishes Covid-19 equality impact assessment

At the NMC, we use equality impact assessments (EqIAs) as a tool to demonstrate our work complies with equalities legislation.

They help us to understand the effects of our activities on different groups of people and any actions we need to take as a result. 

We know Covid-19 has exposed and exacerbated some of the deep-seated inequalities experienced by people with different protected characteristics.

So we have published our EqIA for the action we’ve taken in response to Covid-19. It covers temporary registration, our emergency education standards, changes to fitness to practise, and all other changes we made up until the end of June.

We’re sharing our EqIA as it’s likely to be of use to others in health and social care. And we want to ask for feedback on it, particularly in answer to two questions:

  • Have we missed anything that is in our role to do or influence?
  • Looking to the future, are there any particular topics of concern or opportunities that we should focus on?

If you have any feedback on the EqIA please send it to

We’ll update this document regularly, as long as we’re taking on activity to respond to the pandemic and support the professions.

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