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NMC publishes new future midwife standards

The new future midwife standards have now been published, following our Council’s decision to approve them at its meeting in October 2019.

Midwifery is a unique, rewarding and dynamic profession and midwives are highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals. Every birth is touched by a midwife and that is an incredibly special privilege.

In order to provide the best and safest care, midwives must meet the needs, views and preferences of women and their families, take account of demographic differences, and consider health and care profiles.

That’s why we’ve worked in partnership with midwives, student midwives, women, families, other health and care professionals, charities and advocacy groups across all four countries of the UK to coproduce standards that fully prepare midwives of the future.

New standards for the future midwife

Download the future midwife consultation response document.

We will be formally launching the future midwife standards with celebration events in the four UK countries in January and February 2020, but we are making the final standards available on our website now because approved education institutions and their practice learning partners require them to design their programmes.

For more information on these standards, head over to the future midwife page.


Further background

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