Blog: Lorna Tinsley talks about being a council member

Published on 06 August 2020

Lorna Tinsley speaks about being a council member on the NMC Council

I’m so proud to have spent over seven years as a Council member.

Since joining in 2013, I’ve been mindful that the role of a registrant member on the Council is not to represent the professions but to take key decisions in the interests of public protection and public confidence in those professions. However, to do this effectively the voices of both the midwifery and nursing professions must be heard.

As a midwife, it’s been a real privilege to have played my part in ensuring that the voice of midwifery continues to be heard and valued, as a Council member and as a member of the former Midwifery Committee and subsequently on the Midwifery Panel. The Panel continues to ensure that the NMC receives advice and input which reflects the practice of midwifery across the UK and the impact of that practice on women, babies and their families. The voices of lay and other registrant Council members, the Executive team and our stakeholders enrich discussions, bring alternative views and ensure a fresh perspective on every aspect of debate. As a result, our combined expertise and input ensures the Council is able to reach informed collective decisions for the benefit of all.

During my time on the Council, I have had the opportunity to be part of major initiatives which have shaped our professions. Highlights include revision of the Code and development and introduction of revalidation and our new Strategy and values. I also played a key part in securing production of disaggregated midwifery fitness to practise data so that this can be more easily interrogated; and most dear to my heart, the new and transformational Future Midwife standards – that will equip midwives of the future with the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours to meet the individual needs and choices of women, babies and their families for generations to come.

I have found the Council to be a respectful listener to the voice of midwifery. Through stakeholder engagement and debate, the unique identity of the midwifery profession has been strengthened, without weakening the relationship with nursing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time on the Council and would highly recommend it. If you think you might be suitable, please do apply.

The new member will replace Rob Parry, who has been our member for Scotland for the last 6 years. You can read a blog about Rob’s experience on the Council and why he joined here.

You can find out more about what being a council member entails from our Chair, Philip Graf's blog and our Scottish Council member recruitment information.

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