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Andrea Sutcliffe and Emma Broadbent shortlisted for equality and inclusion leadership award

The Chief Executive and Director of Professional Regulation for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have been jointly shortlisted for the Equality & Inclusion Senior Champion 2020 at the annual Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) Awards.

The enei Awards recognise and commend organisations that have taken a lead in challenging discrimination and celebrating their diverse workforce. The Senior Champion award is aimed at recognising ambassadors who have made a significant contribution to improving the culture within their workplace, acting as role models for equality & inclusion and championing diversity.

This is the second year in a row the NMC has been shortlisted for an enei Award, having seen its Equality and Diversity (EDI) team shortlisted for Team of the Year in 2019.

Emma Lawrence, Senior Equality and Diversity Policy Officer, nominated Andrea and Emma after seeing how they have worked together and independently to champion equality, diversity and inclusion at the NMC, which she says has made a huge difference:

“Andrea and Emma both definitely ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to issues around EDI and have taken many steps to help transform the culture at the NMC. by placing inclusion at the heart of each decision they make.

“As leaders in the health and care sector, both continually use their platform to raise awareness about inequalities and advocate for marginalised groups. They have shared deeply personal experiences and where they don’t have personal experience of something, take the time to listen and learn from those who do.

“Given the incredible diversity of the over 700,000 nurses, midwives and nursing associates on our register, it’s important that as an organisation we show leadership. I nominated Emma and Andrea because of how they have made clear, time and time again, their determination to shape an organisation which listens, respects and celebrates not only all of its employees, but the wider nursing and midwifery workforce too.”

Ben Trout, a manager in the NMC Contact Centre who contributed to the nomination, said of his director Emma Broadbent:

“I have worked for many directors in various organisations and I cannot think of another who is so selfless and caring to her colleagues. We are a better, more inclusive place as a result of her care, hard work and passion.”

Johnnet Hamilton, a Senior Communication and Engagement Officer who contributed to the nomination of Andrea, said:

“Andrea has shown distinct leadership on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion and is always approachable and open to conversations on difficult topics. Having such a Chief Executive with these qualities leading the organisation makes me prouder than ever to be working for the NMC."

Commenting on their nomination, Andrea Sutcliffe and Emma Broadbent said:

“It’s lovely that we’ve been shortlisted for this award but what’s even lovelier is our team nominating us – we feel very honoured and humbled that they did. This is such an important issue for society, the professionals on our register, the work of the NMC and all our colleagues. We’ve certainly not cracked it, there will always be so much more to do. But we’re absolutely determined to make sure promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is very visibly at the heart of everything we do.”

Andrea and Emma will discover the panel’s decision on 8 July 2020.

See the full list of nominees on the enei website.

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