We've made operational changes during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure we continue to regulate nurses, midwives and nursing associates effectively.

Read on for details of these changes, including updates to revalidation and our fitness to practise proceedings.

Contacting us

Our office buildings are closed to visitors until further notice.

We can't accept fitness to practise referrals by post while our offices remain closed, so please use our online referral forms instead. For any other correspondence, please contact us by email rather than post.

Our contact centre remains open to answer calls and emails from 08:00–17:45, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

If you have a question about something related to coronavirus, please read our FAQs before contacting us.

Complaints and information requests

There may be a delay in responding to your complaint or information request during this time. We are sorry for this and will keep you fully updated about revised timeframes for our responses.

The best way to contact us is by email at complaints@nmc-uk.org or FOI&DPArequest@nmc-uk.org. We will be happy to arrange a phone call with you. Thank you for your patience.

Registration and revalidation

Emergency Covid-19 temporary register

The government passed emergency legislation that has allowed us to create an emergency Covid-19 temporary register, separate to our permanent register.

Find out more about the emergency Covid-19 temporary register.

Revalidation deadlines

Please see our Covid-19: Revalidation page for more information on revalidation deadlines during this time.

UK registration

We're continuing as normal with applications to join and rejoin the register. Most customers shouldn't notice any interruption to our services, but with NMC staff working from home, there may be minor delays to our processing, which we will keep to a minimum.

Registration appeals

Registration appeals have been postponed for the time being, and we're keeping in close contact with all appellants whose appeals are affected. Going forward, changes to our rules mean we'll be able hold hearings remotely during the emergency period. In the meantime, we've been able to progress a number of cases where the NMC does not contest the appeal.

Overseas registration

We are continuing to process applications from overseas applicants wishing to join our register. In line with the latest advice from the UK Government, all three OSCE test centres reopened on Monday 20 July 2020.

Check our Covid-19: Information for overseas candidates page for the latest information.

Test of Competence review

The new Test of Competence was scheduled to go live in summer 2020. However, we have decided to postpone the launch until August 2021 to give candidates, employers and recruiters time to prepare for the new test after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out more about the Test of Competence review.

Registration data

Check our registration data reports page for the latest data.

Fitness to practise

For information on our approach to fitness to practice, you can read our guidance on how we'll use our powers during the Covid-19 emergency.


While our offices and hearings centres have been closed, we've been holding some fitness to practise hearings virtually via video and audio conference.

These have mainly been hearings where we need to manage an immediate risk to the public, such as interim orders and substantive order reviews.

We can't run all hearings virtually, so we're resuming some face-to-face hearings from September 2020.

We're following government guidelines to make sure all attendees at our hearing centres are welcomed into a Covid secure environment.

Our hearings will be a mixture of physical and virtual events. Over time we will increase the number and types of hearings we can hold virtually, as well as the number of physical hearings we can hold.

Find out more about attending hearings during Covid-19.

Where to find more information

If you're involved in a fitness to practise case, please read our information on fitness to practice during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you're an employer, please contact employerlinkservice@nmc-uk.org.

View our Covid Secure certificate

Education and standards

Quality assurance of education

We're continuing our quality assurance of education. This includes approval visits where education institutions have not deferred their visit. These events are being done remotely. We also continue to work with institutions to ensure they continue to meet our standards.

Implementation of our new standards

We're continuing to provide information and develop resources for those education institutions and stakeholders who will be implementing our new standards.

Post-registration standards

We're continuing to work on the development of our post-registration standards. Given the ongoing social distancing restrictions, we will use digital methods such as online meetings to help shape our thinking for the development of new draft standards for consultation.


On 25 March 2020, our Council approved our next five-year strategy, which sets out a clear vision and ambition for change.

Teams across the NMC are looking at how the strategy can inform their work in response to Covid-19.

Council also approved our new values and behaviours framework, and our new organisational structure, which will be in place from 6 April 2020 to improve the way we work together and help us to deliver our new strategy.

How our response to Covid-19 has affected diverse groups

At the NMC, we use equality impact assessments (EqIAs) as a tool to show our work complies with equalities legislation.

They help us to understand the effects of our activities on different groups of people and any actions we need to take as a result. We're sharing our EqIA as it's likely to be of useful to other people in health and social care.

Read our most recent Covid-19 equality impact assessment

We'll update this document regularly, as long as we're taking on activity to respond to the pandemic and support the professions. You can view our previous versions below:

We want to ask for feedback on this, particularly in answer to two questions:

  • Have we missed anything that is in our role to do or influence?
  • Looking to the future, are there any particular topics of concern or opportunities that we should focus on?

If you have any feedback on our EqIA, please email us.

Visit our Equality updates page to find out more about our published equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) activities, including our responses to consultations.


We have resumed recruitment at the NMC. You can find out more information in our careers section.

Read our statement