Where our physical hearings are held

We’ll let you know where a hearing is taking place and give you as much notice as we possibly can.

Because there are so many people involved in a hearing, including other witnesses, it’s hard for us to change and move dates. So we ask people to make sure they’re available on the dates we set out.

If we hold a physical hearing, they normally take place in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh or London, depending on where the person under investigation lives.

In some circumstances the hearing will be held elsewhere. We’ll tell you about the location when we ask you to attend as a witness.

Find out how to get to our hearing centres and explore our virtual tour.

Arriving at the hearing centre

You may be asked to arrive at the beginning of the day, or midway through once the hearing has already begun. Whenever you arrive, you should report to reception first to sign in.

A hearings support officer will usually be the first person you meet. They will show you to the witness waiting room, and inform the case presenter, the lawyer working on behalf of the NMC, the witness liaison officer and the hearings coordinator that you’ve arrived.

What you need to bring with you to a hearing

When you attend a hearing, you should bring your witness statement and any exhibits (documents) with you.

You’ll be given time to read through them to make sure they’re accurate and you agree with what has been written before you’re called to give evidence.

Our main hearing centres have Wi-Fi access, and light refreshments are provided.

Bringing someone with you for support

You can bring someone with you for support and they can wait with you in the witness waiting area.

They can also accompany you in the hearing room while you give your evidence, but they can’t play any role in the hearing.

If you require additional support during the hearing so you can participate, please speak to your case coordinator.

What you should wear to a hearing

You should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, but remember that fitness to practise hearings take place in a formal environment.