What are the big issues for the nursing, midwifery and care professions going forward? And where does the NMC need to focus attention?

These are just some of the questions we've set to our contributors in a series of blogs which are intended to air important issues and spark debate.

How should the NMC move forward?

Keeping regulation fit for purpose

Professor Julia Black, Pro Director for Research at the London School of Economics, on the areas to consider when shaping the future of regulation

Working in the House of Lords – Influencing strategy in partnership

In her blog, Mary Watkins, Baroness Watkins of Tavistock, shares her perspective of working with the NMC to influence parliamentary perspectives.

Nothing about me without me: the value of co-production 

In this co-produced blog, NMC Chief Executive Andrea Sutcliffe and Think Look Act spokesperson and carer Jeanne Carlin talk the value co-production brings to the NMC.

Maintaining momentum to secure an NHS workforce for the future

Saffron Cordery is NHS Providers deputy chief executive and having worked in the healthcare sector since 2007, has extensive experience in policy development, influencing and communications. 

Time for bullying and harassment in nursing and midwifery to stop

Roger Kline is a research fellow at Middlesex University Business School and co-author with Duncan Lewis of The price of fear: Estimating the financial cost of bullying and harassment to the NHS in England (2018).

Strengthening our voice to lead

Should we be strengthening our voice to lead? Greta Westwood, Chief operating officer of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, thinks so. 

Speed dating at the NMC

In the third blog in our series we hear from Gill Walton, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), one of the world’s oldest and largest midwifery organisations, representing the majority of the UK’s midwives.

Insights from a global perspective

In the second blog in our series, David Benton, Chief Executive of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, a US-based not-for-profit organisation, offers a global view.

What do stakeholders think of us? Now we know

Candace Imison, NMC Director of Strategy Development, launched our blog series.