Fitness to practise outcomes report annex

We’ve produced this report as part of our commitment to publish more data about the work we do and to make it easier to understand.

Our fitness to practise outcomes report shows the data we have on panel hearings and meeting outcomes at adjudication.

We’ve broken this down by:

  • Profession of the individual (either nurse, midwife, nursing associate or both nurse and midwife),
  • Country of registered address
  • Allegations that make up the case.

Download the fitness to practise outcomes report for April-September 2018.

How we arrive at an outcome 

At the end of an investigation, a panel of the Fitness to Practise Committee may hold a hearing.

If they find that a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s fitness to practise is impaired, they can apply a sanction to protect the public. This sanction forms part of the adjudication outcomes.

An outcome of  Facts not proved is when the panel finds that there is not sufficient evidence to support the allegations.

An outcome of Fitness to practise not impaired means that there was sufficient evidence to support the allegations but the panel do not consider the allegations amount to a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s fitness to practise being impaired and therefore there is no further action to be taken.

Find out more about available sanctions.


The report shows adjudication outcomes by allegation.

It’s important to note that cases may have multiple allegations attributed to them which means the number of allegations displayed does not match the number of cases.

Also, outcomes will not relate specifically to a single allegation as represented but are a result of a combination of allegations.

For example, a striking off order for a  Social media or Motor vehicle related allegation may be the result of the allegation being combined with another allegation such as Dishonesty or Patient Care.

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