Better, safer regulation

Read our response to the Department of Health and Social Care’s consultation, ‘Regulating healthcare professionals, protecting the public’.

The government have consulted on a number of proposals to modernise the legislation of nine healthcare regulators, including us.

In our response to the consultation, we set out our ambitions for improvement and how modern, flexible legislation will enable us to deliver better, safer regulation for the public.

Read our response to the consultation.

A once in a generation chance for change

As the regulator of more than 758,000 nurses, midwives and nursing associates, we play a vital role in upholding the highest standards in nursing and midwifery practice and keeping the public safe.

The legal framework that guides our work has a significant impact on the way we're able to achieve this.

But as society and nursing and midwifery practice have changed, our legislation hasn't kept pace.

With more modern, flexible legislation, we can regulate and support a changing workforce more effectively, enabling professionals to provide excellent care for the public.

Our Executive Director of Strategy and Insight, Matthew McClelland, explains why the proposed changes will allow us to do more to make care safer across the UK.

What impact could this have?

Taken together, these proposals will ensure our legislation is fit for the future, allowing us to respond more quickly and flexibly to the modern-day needs of health and care services, for the benefit of people and their families, and our nursing and midwifery professionals.

We don't yet have a firm timeline, but it's unlikely that any proposals from this consultation will to lead to any changes to our ways of working until 2023 at the earliest.

In the meantime, we're continuing to work with the Department of Health and Social Care and our partners on this, and we'll keep you informed of any developments.