In the summer and autumn of 2020 we heard from so many people about what’s important for the new standards.

The dedication that people have to their roles, the need to collaborate with others and to making sure our standards help practitioners deliver the best possible outcomes for people, communities and their populations, has really shone through.

Common themes frequently emerged from the events, virtual postcard submissions and email responses when discussing both SCPHN and SPQ specialist practitioners. These included:

  • Advanced communication skills
  • Complex decision making
  • Collaborative working
  • Leadership
  • Prescribing
  • Public health
  • Safeguarding.

However many more themes emerged for each of the specialist roles, reflecting the wide variety of specialist skills required by SCPHN and SPQ practitioners.

We commissioned an independent research agency, Pye Tait, to help us with the analysis from our engagement work.

Read Pye Tait's report on themes from the pre-consultation engagement

There has been broad support for our proposals to introduce new core SCPHN standards and bespoke standards for health visitors, occupational health nurses and school nurses.

Some stakeholders raised concerns about the possibility of replacing the separate SPQs that exist currently with a single community SPQ. While any changes remain subject to full public consultation and Council approval, we’ve listened to these concerns.

We're now proposing a set of SPQ standards that apply to all fields of community nursing practice with bespoke elements where needed. Our register will include the five existing SPQ annotations, with an additional annotation for specialist community nursing with no specific field of practice noted.

Please see an article by Geraldine Walters, our Executive Director of Professional Practice on the proposal.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the review. We've been pleased to hear from so many people as we want the new standards to be ambitious, future focused and transformative, and we know we'll only achieve this if we work with communities of practice to draw on their experience and expertise.

We'vee now drafted our standards for the full public consultation. We'll ensure that all feedback and evidence is considered in the new standards.