In the first weeks of the consultation we hosted a series of early webinars about this review of our post-registration standards, covering our work to date, what's in the draft standards and some of the things to think about when responding to the consultation.

Catch up on the webinars we hosted.

Drop-in sessions

We hosted a series of virtual drop-in sessions, where you could come along and ask our team any questions you may have had about the consultation or the draft standards.

We arranged these by the type of individual you are or the type of organisation you work for, so we could make sure we had the right people ready to answer your questions.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions, all of these sessions were be hosted virtually.


Additional events we held during the consultation included:

Additional event Date
Discussion with post-registration students 15 June 2021
Joint meeting with Council of Deans of Health 24 June 2021
Discussion with pre-registration students  28 June 2021

If you'd like to attend any of these events, please get in touch.

External events

Meetings and events where we’ll be speaking about this consultation include:

Meeting Date
CPHVA webinar 16 March 2021
Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) event 23 March 2021
RCN/Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) Occupational Health Virtual Conference  26 March 2021
National District Nurses Network (NDNN) meeting  19 April 2021
RCN Education Forum National Conference 20 April 2021
Welsh School Nursing  29 April 2021
Independent Healthcare Providers Network Clinical Forum 12 May 2021
Institute of Health Visiting (iHV): student member-networking event 21 May 2021
Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) member event  25 May 2021
Institute of Health Visiting (iHV): practice education member-networking event 16 June 2021
NIPEC - NMC Consultation Post-Registration Stakeholder Event - SCHPN 18 June 2021
Digital Leadership Group (DLG) for the UK and Ireland CNOs 23 June 2021
Council of Deans of Health / NMC – joint event 24 June 2021
QNI Care Home Nurse Network meeting 30 June 2021
United Kingdom Standing Conference on Specialist Community Public Health Nurse Education 30 June 2021
National Community Nursing Plan - Stakeholder Advisory Panel 01 July 2021
NIPEC - NMC Consultation Post-Registration Stakeholder Event 05 July 2021
Community Nurse Executive Network (CNEN) 05 July 2021
NMC consultation – National Care Forum 05 July 2021
QNIs Meeting 07 July 2021
Workshop to discuss the post-registration - Scotland 21 July 2021

If you'd like someone from the NMC team to speak at an upcoming meeting, please get in touch.