Dr David Foster OBE Independent chair of the post-registration standards steering group (PRSSG)

“Together we set out to co-produce future post-registration standards. As the independent chair I am grateful to all the representatives from organisations across the UK for their wisdom, perseverance and challenge. Working together we have achieved so much, thank you.”

Jane Harris Independent chair for health visiting

“Health visitors use unique knowledge and skills to build trusting relationships with children, carers, families and communities that empower and positively impact on health outcomes for all.

“These updated standards will ensure that health visitors remain at the heart of a person-centred, evidence-based service that is responsive to the needs of a diverse and rapidly changing society.”

Deborah Edmonds Independent chair for occupational health nursing

“The new SCPHN OHN standards reflect working in the diverse fields of Occupational Health. They have been created in partnership with the NMC, SCPHNs and OHNs working in UK PLC and the Healthcare sector.”

“These standards can be a real catalyst for influencing and improving the health of the working population and mitigating the impacts of work on health. They’ll help OH nurses ensure good work is seen as a health outcome and improving public health with evidence based strategies which will support the productivity and performance of all organisations.”

“I truly hope they enable the entrepreneurial nurse of the future and also inspire future nurses to work in the dynamic world of occupational health nursing where there are opportunities to work in wide ranging industries.”

Julie Critcher Independent chair for school nursing

“This has been a rigorous process where stakeholders from across the UK have come together to co-produce new SCPHN standards. They represent the important public health role that School Nurses have and demonstrate how they support and care for school aged children and young people, their families and local communities.”

Owen Barr Independent chair for community nursing

“The proposed new community specialist nursing practice standards provide a framework that recognises the higher level of knowledge and skills community nurses with an SPQ need to make complex professional decisions in partnership with people about their support and care.”

Gwendolen Bradshaw Independent chair for programme standards

“In conjunction with Parts 1 (standards framework for nursing and midwifery education) and 2 (standards for student supervision and assessment(SSSA), the standards for SCPHN and SPQ programmes provide a flexible framework to enable approved education institutions and practice placement partners to design and deliver innovative programmes that maximise opportunities for student success.

“Importantly, they are student centred, promote inclusivity and address the challenges posed by the vast range and complexities of post-registration practice”